Three Popular Design Styles: Which One Fits You Best?

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When it comes to interior design styles, you won’t want to just throw a bunch of random elements together – this will throw your design off balance. Pick a style and stick with it instead. Here are three popular interior design styles that you might want to consider: Industrial Living Room by Valley Village Photographers Chris A. Dorsey … [Read more...]

Ideas for a Cool, Gray Master Bedroom

decorating with grey

Having a high ceiling in the master bedroom is a fantastic feature to have, since it makes the entire room feel much more spacious. However, choosing what colors to use for the walls might be a little difficult, especially if the ceiling is wood paneled or boasts wood beams. One great option would be to use a warm gray color, which complements wooden tones … [Read more...]

Three Tips for Getting a Decorator Look In Your Home

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Do you want your home’s interior design to look like the photographs they use in interior design magazines and websites? This isn’t always easy, but it is possible – just use the following three interior design tips to get a decorator look in your home: Modern Hall via Houzz Create height with greenery – Adding height to your interior … [Read more...]