Getting New Curtains? Why to Consider Stationary Drapes

stationary drapes

It may be comfortable to have nice, heavy drapes that you can open and close at your convenience, but stationary drapes can be more practical and cost effective. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider stationary drapes for your spring interior design: You have a great view! You have worked long and hard to reach a place where you can look … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to Warm Weather? Bring Some Extra Light Into Your Home

Tips to brighten a room

The promise of summer is always for plenty of warm weather and long-lasting days. Bringing this natural light into your home will create an inviting atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends. Here are a few ideas for taking advantage of the extra light: Paint the Ceiling White – Whether natural or man-made, light reflects best off of a … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Mixing Patterns in Home Decor

luxury bathroom design by Ana Donohue Interiors

Layering patterns can be challenging, but when done right, the payoff is well worth the effort. Take for example our contribution to the Junior League of Boston Design Show House. Our "Inspiring Bath Retreat" contains a large-scale botanical wallpaper, chevron-bedecked claw foot tub, striped garden stool, and a densely patterned chair and throw … [Read more...]