Three Popular Design Styles: Which One Fits You Best?

design styles

When it comes to interior design styles, you won’t want to just throw a bunch of random elements together – this will throw your design off balance. Pick a style and stick with it instead. Here are three popular interior design styles that you might want to consider: Industrial Living Room by Valley Village Photographers Chris A. Dorsey … [Read more...]

Three Tips for Getting a Decorator Look In Your Home

Home decor tips

Do you want your home’s interior design to look like the photographs they use in interior design magazines and websites? This isn’t always easy, but it is possible – just use the following three interior design tips to get a decorator look in your home: Modern Hall via Houzz Create height with greenery – Adding height to your interior … [Read more...]

Getting Teak Outdoor Furniture? What You Need to Know

Teak patio furniture

The outdoor living area is an area you don’t want to ignore, especially if you make use of it on a regular basis. Many homeowners choose to use teak outdoor furniture for their outdoor space. Teak is a beautiful and durable material to use, but if that’s what you go with, then there are a few things that you should know. Modern Patio via … [Read more...]