Keep Your Mudroom Tidy This Winter With These Tips

Here are a few entryway design tips to help keep your mudroom tidy this winter.

The mudroom is a fantastic feature to have as it helps to keep your entryway organized as well as prevent mud, water and other outdoor debris from being tracked into your home. However, things can get a bit messy during the winter season. The following are a few entryway design tips to help keep your mudroom tidy this winter: Tray of gravel – Odds are … [Read more...]

Give Your Guests a Beautiful Place to Stay This Holiday Season

Here are some terrific holiday decorating tips for your home.  Source: Houzz

Do you have a guest room? Are you planning on having guests over for the holidays? If so, then you should consider using the holidays as inspiration to decorate your guest room in order to make it more welcoming and inviting. The following are holiday decorating tips for doing just that: Add area rugs – Even if your guest room is carpeted, area rugs … [Read more...]

Keep Your Space Warm and Stylish With Throws and Pillows

Adding pillows, blankets, and throws to your furniture will help make them that much more inviting to both you and your guests.

If you’re looking for winter decorating tips that will spruce up your interior design, we highly recommend the use of throws and pillows. The winter season is cold and dreary, and throws and pillows will help to warm up your home’s atmosphere – both in terms of design and function! Adding pillows and throws to your furniture, from your love seat to … [Read more...]