Gallery Wall Design Ideas

Infuse your home with a "curated" look by following these decorating tips.

Gallery walls have become something of a hit when it comes to designing for home interiors in recent months. Not only are they appealing to the senses, but they are also an excellent way with which to express the homeowner's personality. Use these designs ideas to create your own gallery wall: The layout of the gallery wall speaks volumes about who … [Read more...]

Mixing and Matching Styles in Your Interior Design

It is important to remember that too many styles in the same space results in a chaotic and confusing mess rather than something interesting.

Although the tried-and-true classics have their own sort of appeal, over-use can make even the most gorgeous styles both boring and staid. One method for combating the over-use of a single style is to combine two or more styles in the same space, which is a creative approach that can produce surprising synergies. Use these tips to mix and match styles for … [Read more...]

Make the Most of High Contrasting Colors

High contrast ensures that each element can be seen and thus appreciated as it is.

High-contrast colors have been popular in the past, so perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that it is making a much-anticipated comeback. After all, there is little as good as contrast when it comes to making sure that the interior stands out to the beholder. Used in the correct manner, a succession of similar colors has the potential to … [Read more...]