Ideas for Pulling Off a Traditional Style

Pulling off a traditional style

Traditional décor will always be popular for certain people, and if you love the elegant look then it’s no surprise that you want it in your own house. Pulling off a traditional style in your home isn’t always as easy as it might look, especially if you have a home that lends itself to a more eclectic design. Use the tips below from Ana Donohue … [Read more...]

Have Mixed Patterns? Easy Tips for Making them Work


If you have noticed that your home has a plethora of patterns and designs waiting to be combined to create your prefect space, then here are three general methods which can get you started on your way. Use White One of the easiest ways to add patterns to your decor is to have white be your base, then add a pattern to it. Create a  Neutral Base If … [Read more...]

Create a Focal Point In Your Living Room


When it comes to interior design, half the fun is the ability to achieve a goal in a number of different ways. When it comes to creating a focal point for a room, the variety of ways that you can manage this effect is no less filled with options. Fireplace If you have a room with a fireplace, it is traditionally easiest to use the fireplace as the focal … [Read more...]