How to Dress Up the Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Design

Is the interior design of your master bathroom a little drab? You don't have to live with it  – your master bathroom is an area of the house you spend a huge amount of your time in! The following are a few bathroom décor ideas that will help you spruce up the area in no time: Emphasize architecture – Use colors to emphasize different … [Read more...]

Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Coffee Table

choosing a coffee table

The coffee table has become an essential item in today’s living room. Not only does it provide much needed function as a place to set drinks and food while sitting in the living room, it’s also an important element in the interior design of the living room. Here are a few tips on picking out the right coffee table for your home: Scale – Figure … [Read more...]

Redoing Your Kitchen? Tips for Choosing the Right Sink

choosing a kitchen sink

When most people decide to remodel their kitchen, they usually focus on things such as the cabinets, the counters, or the appliances. However, the sink is an important part of your kitchen as well. The following are a few tips for choosing a new kitchen sink: Modern Kitchen by New York Kitchen & Bath Designers ExpressDecor via Houzz Size – … [Read more...]