Looking for Fun Spring Decorating Projects? Try These Ideas

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Spring is a time when almost everybody starts that big cleaning project and works to clear the cobwebs of winter out of their home. However, spring can also be a time when you choose to redecorate your home and the warm weather can inspire a whole new group of projects. Use these tips from Ana Donohue Interiors to get your space ready for … [Read more...]

Ideas for Using and Decorating an Empty Wall Space

Decorating blank kitchen walls

An empty wall in any room can be a handful to deal with when it comes to interior design. Finding the right accessories, colors, or other options to decorate and enliven the spot is a challenge that can be faced with a healthy helping of imagination. When it comes to the kitchen walls, you may find that you are doubly tasked because the kitchen must remain … [Read more...]

Three Design Moves to Make an Impact On Your Home

Funky lighting adds instant interest

When it comes to designing your home there are a million different choices that you could make in every single room in your house. While your personal style should be your main guide, as well as the style of your home, there are some design moves that can make a big impact. Use them when you get stumped and you want to make sure each room in your home looks … [Read more...]