Why to Pick Out a Patterned Lampshade for Your Home

choosing a lamp shade

When it comes to the lamps around your home, the lampshade has a bigger impact on your interior design than you might think. This is why you should strongly consider picking out a lampshade that has a pattern. The following are a few reasons why a patterned lampshade is a good idea: Traditional Living Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators … [Read more...]

Tips for Making a Kid’s Room Colorful and Fun

Designing a kids room

Designing the kid’s room can be quite fun, since it gives you the excuse to use a wide variety of colors and patterns that you would probably not use in the rest of your home. The following are just a few ways that you can create a fun kid’s room design: Multi-colored nursery – Babies and young toddlers love bright colors, so add a bunch of … [Read more...]

Love the Rustic Style? How to Make It Happen In Your Kitchen

rustic kitchen design

One of the ways that you can add a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to your kitchen area is by implementing a rustic style. The following are a few design elements that you should consider if you’ve decided to create a rustic kitchen: Dark wood – Using wood for your rustic kitchen is a no-brainer, but dark wood choices are a great way to … [Read more...]