Bukowski Tavern is a Classic Popular Neighborhood Bar

Bukowski Tavern is the quintessential Boston tavern, and a great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.  Source: Facebook

It can be pretty tough to recommend Boston area bars because there are just so many of them worth checking out! However, if you’re looking for a classic neighborhood bar full of character, then you’ll definitely want to poke your head in at the Bukowski Tavern. The Bukowski Tavern is about as Boston as you can get, meaning that it prides itself on … [Read more...]

Check Out These Tasty Dishes for National Pistachio Day

Here are some tasty recipe ideas to help you celebrate National Pistachio Day.  Source: Flickr

February 26th is an important day. It's National Pistachio Day! Celebrate by making one of these delicious pistachio recipes to share with your friends and family. White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Cookies - Take a break from ordinary chocolate chip, and give these delicious cookies a try. The tart cranberries, creamy white chocolate and crunchy … [Read more...]

Creating Contrast: Global Pieces In a Modern Space

Global pieces in modern design

Sometimes homeowners are a little too conservative when it comes to creating an interior design style. They’ll want to stick to a specific style without deviating; however, a little bit of contrast can go a long way in adding depth to a design. For example, by adding global pieces to a more modern space. The following are a few ways to accomplish … [Read more...]