Milan is the Style Hub of Italy

Milan is the beating heart of much of the world's fashion trends.  Source: Flickr

For fashion forward inspiration, plan a vacation to Milan, Italy, the style-hub of this artistic nation. Featured as one of Travel & Leisure's Best Places to Travel in 2015, Milan is brimming with designs both old and new. Whether you want to catch a fashion show or simply walk the streets and admire beautiful architecture, there's no place like Milan … [Read more...]

Bukowski Tavern is a Classic Popular Neighborhood Bar

Bukowski Tavern is the quintessential Boston tavern, and a great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.  Source: Facebook

It can be pretty tough to recommend Boston area bars because there are just so many of them worth checking out! However, if you’re looking for a classic neighborhood bar full of character, then you’ll definitely want to poke your head in at the Bukowski Tavern. The Bukowski Tavern is about as Boston as you can get, meaning that it prides itself on … [Read more...]

Looking for a True Warm Getaway? Check out Durban, South Africa!

Durban, South Africa is ranked 7th on the NY Time's 52 Places to Visit in 2015! Source: Facebook

When it comes to looking for an exotic place to go on vacation, South Africa has recently been topping the list for many due to its beautiful beaches. If you are thinking about visiting some of the beaches in South Africa for a warm getaway, then we recommend taking a look at Durban. Durban isn’t a city that gets as much attention as Johannesburg or … [Read more...]