Add Some Flair to Your Kitchen With an Oversized Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen spaces are sometimes difficult to decorate because  function often takes precedence over form. However, an oversized kitchen backsplash is a feature that allows you to introduce a strong personal design element to the kitchen. The following are some kitchen backsplash ideas that you can use for inspiration: Contemporary Kitchen by Dallas Media … [Read more...]

Why You Should Hire a Design Professional to Help You With Your Home

Boston Interior Designer

Many people see hiring an interior designer as a luxury, not a necessity. However, there are many benefits that you’re missing out on if you don’t take advantage of the services offered by an interior designer. The following are just a few of the benefits: Designers have more experience – Because interior designers do this for a living, they … [Read more...]

Bring Some Extra Elegance to Your Home With These Details

Interior Design Tips

Even if you already have the foundation of your home’s look in place, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of elegance to your house. No matter what room you want to fix up, you can use these three ideas from Ana Donohue Interiors to help you get a more elegant home design. Try a different color paint on the walls. For a particularly … [Read more...]