5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Tree This Year

Here are some terrific holiday decor ideas for anyone looking to decorate their tree.  Source: Houzz

With the holidays looming around the corner, odds are that you’re about ready to get into the holiday spirit. And what better way to get into the spirit of the holidays than by picking up a tree for your living room? The following are 5 unique ideas that you can use to decorate your tree this year: Elegant Decoration – Instead of going with … [Read more...]

Let Your Mantel Shine This Holiday Season

This holiday season, spruce up your home decor by making the most of your home's mantel.  Source: Houzz

Almost every family in the country will decorate their fireplace if they have one for the holidays. If you have a fireplace, then you should consider some of the following holiday decorating tips to help spruce up your mantel and get into the holiday spirit: Red, white and green – If you have a white fireplace mantel, then run some white tinsel along … [Read more...]

Keep Your Home Cozy With These Winter Decorating Ideas

Here are some wonderful winter decorating tips that are sure to help warm up your home.

Sprucing up your home’s décor during the winter season is always a great idea. It provides you with an opportunity to add a few elements that will provide your home with a more cozy and warm atmosphere. The following are a few winter decorating tips that we recommend: Make the hearth a focal point – The hearth is the one feature that eminates … [Read more...]