Faux Fur For Home Decor

Via DecorPad

It's getting considerably colder here in Boston and we are looking for ways to stay warm as we move closer towards winter. One of our favorite ways to add not only warmth, but texture into a room is by using throws. And one of hottest trends these days is fur. So take your home decor to the next level and incorporate a faux fur throw in some of your … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Designs for the Designer in You


Halloween is a week ago and we wanted to help inspire you this year with some of our favorite pumpkin designs. Now we know that typically one would carve a pumpkin, but this year we are loving the colorful designs we've been seeing where instead of slicing into the pumpkin, you paint it. Take a look at the painted pumpkins below. These pumpkin designs are … [Read more...]

Project Sneak Peek


The best compliment in the world for a designer is when a previous client comes back after several years and wants to hire you again to help with a new home and phase of their life.  That was just the case with this project sneak peak.     What do you think of our latest design project? Right now we are still in design phase of … [Read more...]