Dining Rooms: Moving Past Traditional


Anyone who knows me knows I love designing dining rooms. I love the idea of gatherings, large or small, and I love the idea of multipurpose dining rooms that function and look less formal. Playing with scale and style is another way I make dining rooms a little more interesting and fun. Here are some dining rooms---some by me and some by other … [Read more...]

Design Project Renderings


We’re in the throws of completing an interior design project and wanted to share a quick preview. Here are some renderings to give you an idea, and, of course, we’ll take pictures when it is complete. All the rooms are getting a fun combination of texture and pattern. We’re doing the whole nine yards, from construction to lighting, wallpaper and all … [Read more...]

Ana Donohue’s HGTV Audition

RENDERING 1 - HGTV-thumbnail

A few months ago I was honored to be asked to audition for a new HGTV show being filmed in Boston. I was thrilled to be called back by the producer of the show a few weeks later for a one-on-one chat. Unfortunately I did not get the pilot episode, but I had a blast and learned so much. It was such an honor to be on HGTV’s radar. Below is the room I … [Read more...]