Ana’s top 10: settees

Aren’t settees nice? They’re just large enough to seat more than one person and versatile enough for different rooms of the house. So, without further ado, I’ll share with you my top-10 settees:

This black and white settee from Wisteria is perfect for the sitting area at the end of the bed. The bold pattern could be great in an all-white-and-cream bedroom for that perfect touch of drama.

This contemporary-style settee is sleek but comfy, and the open cut-out in the body gives it a light, airy feel.

This settee from M-GEOUGH feels like it could wrap you up in comfort while you read a book in the afternoon.

The 19th century settees from 1st Dibs Georgia Creek could be amazing reupholstered in a beautiful linen for a beach house.

This Isabelle Settee from the Drexel Heritage collection has an antique-y feel that’s so charming.

Design Within Reach worked with a New York Company to create this Shaker Settee, with a seat shaped for comfort.

The black-and-white pattern adds a fun edge to this elegant Elizabetha Settee from Tusch Seating.

The Caned Settee from M-GEOUGH features square mesh caning, flared rattan armrests and a fitted upholstered seat cushion.

This Gillow Settee from Hickory Chair has a solid wood frame made to look like bamboo, a white goose feather seat pad and a beautiful turquoise shell finish. Fun fact: it was inspired by Joseph Downs’ drawings at the Winterthur Museum.

And I love this beautiful Sebastian Settee from Lexington Home Brands. Doesn’t it look oh-so fab?

Do you have a favorite settee of your own, or are you longing to sit on one of these? Spill it here.